Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Visual Language?

When I start to think about this side of my projects, I feel confused, but for me I think this project is important in actually developing my visual language and understanding what it is. For me, I think that as much as my projects are about the communication of my ideas, It's also pivoted around me wanting to continue experimenting and finding myself as a designer - developing technique.

I have started to think about the Visual language side of things, 'How does meaning arise in visual language?' Semantics become very important, the major semantic theme of the book, will ask us how do visual elements and text work together to form/produce meaning? Will it even have the text to support it?

Typography, seems an obvious and easy place to begin, how the word is written and how it makes you feel? The size, bold, italics, and the Type itself can trigger feelings towards a written word. Things like this  may discussed in Christians Typography workshop?

Other ideas:
Colour, the meaning of it and how it triggers emotions within people. When people think of the colour red, they feel a certain emotion and when people smell a certain smell it can trigger how people think and feel in the same way, just as type does. 
Having one colour gradually easing into another...colour gradients could be a test of my visual language

Through collecting sounds, and then the audience making/developing their own visual picture I could try to visually communicate something. Would they understand it though? Or would I just want them to create an image themselves?
This then relates to how people think and what they think about when they think of a certain colour. 

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