Monday, 30 November 2009

Ed Hutchins.

Ed HUTCHINS, creates small, unusual books using a vast array of inventive structures. Hutchins' is quoted as saying that to him a great book is achieved when every single part of the book - 
'...text, illustrations, paper, the type of printing, binding, covers...'
- comes together to deliver the message in a unified way. 

'It's when the parts are so interconnected, so supportive of eachother, that the sum of their collectiveness is greater than each individual contribution'.

The article I read on Ed Hutchins then goes on to talk about where the best place to start is, seeing as I have had trouble with already knowing my ideas for structure but not how to apply context or illustration to it, I found it very interesting.
Hutchins talks about how you can take a story and then ask yourself what is the best way to illustrate it. To then ask yourself what is the best way to print the illustrations and then to the idea of, having a structure and asking yourself - what story does this have to tell?
As Hutchins' belives,

'...The structure and design of a book, can play just as important a part, in manipulating readers through a narrative than text or illustrations...' 

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