Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cutting Out... Collage... Colours and Bit's and Bobs.

These are a few bit's that I tried to adapt looking at Clare Coles work and other paper and collage artists. I think with more time I could produce something much better and this is what I plan to do, but for now I like the fabrics and foil mixed. I wish I could have used more stitch, but with a broken sewing machine and tired hands I only got the chance to do tiny bit of stitch.

Cutting and over laying acetate that I had also worked well, giving the papers depth. I felt that after I had drawn on top and added stuff that they felt more personal, from feedback I got from others they felt this too.

Picking what colour foil I wanted for the mirror image was also a hard decision. Above is the Gold and below, the Platinum. It was important as I didnt want it to be too shiny and bright, but also not to dull, I wanted to see it was foils.

This is my design that didnt come out properly and you couldnt see, Im pleased that I did it on different coloured card, as I think that the colours complement each other beautifully.

This one doesnt work as well, but it still made a nice image.

Here are some prints of one of my wallpapers on different coloured paper...it gives it a different dynamic to the others that are on creamy paper. Its a shame that I couldn't get a long enough strip to do some of the others with a different coloured backgrounds.

Some print on my handmade paper, the texture and the way the paper rests makes the screenprinted image on top look very quitch and organic.

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