Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mock-Up Binds...

Today I have spent the morning finishing my 'Rounded Spine Book', I spent all day yesterday making and binding the book together with thread and glue also pounding it.
Here is my finished book...

Along with some notes taken in the workshop about the two books I made...
Rounded Spine Book(Hardback), 4 papers to a section.
- fold them all in half
- cut teeny holes for needle, ''             ''       ''            ''  (this sort of distance).
- SEW, Kettle stitch on 3rd layer then there after.
- GLue down spine, let it dry, another layer. 
- POUND the spine to curve it.
- Stick on tape to strengthen the spine.
- Make cover, stick to inside pages and put in press with string to form embossed spine bit.
Here are some photos of my finished book...

The off-cuts were also pretty cute, and could possibly be used as a little typography book or story book, within visual language?

Notes Concertina/Pocketed/Origami Books:
- Height work out all measurements
- Mark off with ruler and needle
- 10cm ---> across and then score down
- Fold all the same way, INWARDS.
- Fold the corners IN and then OUT
- Fold all OUT again
- Then reverse the triangles from, /\ >>TO>> \/
- The book is finally halved then adding a cover.
(20cm high, scored 10cm apart, If you wanted to overlap, the height needs to be HIGH.
- Using a fine concertina for a spine. You can stitch a bit of concertina when you bind, it can make things stick easier.

Here is the one I made...

I thought these may come in useful as they have pockets which would be good for a stamp collection possibly? The fold kind of look like envelopes? These are initial thoughts seeing as I dont know what I am doing yet! 

Daniel ESSIG.
I was speaking to Sarah and she told me that I might be interested in Daniel Essig,who creates wooden-covered art books and book-based sculptures. Using a fourth-century binding style known as Ethiopian style Coptic, he creates mixed-media book structures that incorporate unusual woods, handmade paper, found objects, fossils, and mica. Below shows some of his work...

The idea of cut out design within books is something that I have a big interest in and hope to do some sort of cut out pop-out design for this project? It was something I was interested in doing for the Communication Technology brief but sadly time caught up with me and it didn't happen.

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