Friday, 27 November 2009

Send & Receive Group Tutorial.

I found this really useful, in getting to grips with why I am 'myself' doing what I am doing for this brief and how it is what I need to do rather than something I have to do. But also a better understanding of how to approach finding texts and things to put in my presentation.

I was concerned about gathering texts to apply to my presentation and also whether they had to be very 'accademic' applying to design somehow, or whether I could concentrate on articles to do with the homeless as these will further my communication and understanding of my group.

For the time being I am searching for texts, but have been looking at some of THE NORTH magazine issues from the past and picking out articles from there and making notes, in order to understand better.

(The north Article.
From no.777 15-21 june 2009

- Samantha Allen - Bournemouths' Big Issue Distribution officer...
- Ralph Milward, 41, not an isolated incident.
  Millward had been a well-liked Big Issue vendor for over 8 years.
  'It raises questions about how vulnerable the vendors are'.

- Bournemouth Big Issue Foundation worker....
There's a cloud hanging over the place because vendors know they are vulnerable...these guys are dealing with verbal abuse daily, and yet the odd complaint about them can be blown out of proportion by the tabloids.'

- VULNERABILITY. They are people trying to do something good, and move on with their lives, trying to gain self confidence back - which they lose lots of through begging before they even begin to vend.
Serious attacks like Millward, knock this confidence even futher back, in a different way, but all the same negatively.

- A vendor speaks of how he has been attacked many times, even his sleeping bag being set on fire along with his bad taken along with personal items and 35 pounds.
He explains that people think they are vulnerable because they sell the big issue...and that because of this they have the right to victimise them. It makes him more determined to caryy on selling? Doesnt do this to everybody though.

- ONE THIRD of big issue vendors, have experienced physical violence selling the magazine and most put up with the insults and abuse.

- A friend of Milwards
has had abuse thrown at him and objects: ' We're not tramps - it's just that life throws you some bad cards sometimes'.

- On 30th June, West Cliff Baptist Church will be hosting a community Forum, which will consider homelessness and the plight of the vulnerable.

- 'Violence is present all the time if you're homeless...If somebody is selling the big issue, people know they are vulnderable, so ppl selling the magazine are very often victims of violence. You only need to take a walk round the city and you'll find one seller with black eyes. 

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