Monday, 30 November 2009

Museums. Structure Idea.

Below is a link to:

The site explains who they are and explains that they have over 50 years combined experience in the design, manufacture and installation of museum Showcases. The expertise within the company coupled with their unrivalled resources makes them and ideal partner for projects.
They recognised that museum projects required a showcase manufacturer with the design and manufacturing resources and capacity to service these projects.

This led to me linking my idea of resin and setting things, then how to actually present the resin objects? This led to my idea...

To actually try and put together a museum case draw with my objects held/presented inside. And with one of my ideas being to actually and with one of my ideas being to actually put together a 'make-shift' museum case draw, setting things/designs/a collection, in resin. I found this website very helpful and interesting. It describes  how the company assists museums in their own projects.

The Basis of a Museum Case Draw...

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