Saturday, 1 May 2010

PICNIC - Research.

The work I will take to 'On The Wall', will be by the theme of 'Picnic', therefore I have started drawing and re-searching picnics!

There was an online picnic blog I found, which has pretty much everything you need to know about how to have a picnic and places to picnic....

Online I found recipes entitled 'picnic', picnic equipment, luxury picnic hampers, picnic events that were being held, even sites where you can order already made/put together picnics!

As expected a gingham background and I enjoyed the idea of the packaging they had used for their picnic boxes.

I'd been itching to do a bit of Origami and so I put together some little picnic baskets in this style, the first one I did was plain, but the second, I thought of 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' and used the repeat pattern I had put together for the Armly Mills project, as this was quick to do and I wanted to know what they picnic baskets would look like with a patterned put to them. I think it looks pretty cute...

But I also asked friends what they though of when they heard the word picnic:

From this I got a lot of inspiration and got some good drawings from each word and began drawing....

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