Monday, 3 May 2010

Artivism - Exhibition Opening at Armly Mills.

Today, was the final exhibition to which we received invites in the post, for the Artivism project, the sculptures had all been put up in a section of Armly Mills Museum, everyones hard work had pulled off and it looked pretty good and very biazare! There was drinks and nibbles, very civilised and Kevin had said that people which had visited the museum throughout the day and all been intriegued by the project and had enjoyed looking at it.
Above the work was a film Shari had put together, encompassing everybody's stories behind their work, in which my illustrations were featured, which got me a little mention in the credits of the film, which I took a photo of.

Below are bits from the film...

This film will now be shown in the Museum...
Shari had even put together a cute DVD for everybody, on them, - the film projected above the work, - the interviews documentary style piece shown at green generations launch and - a slide show of the work done throughout the project.

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