Monday, 24 May 2010

My Visit to 'On The Wall'...

I've just got back from visiting 'On The Wall' and speaking to Simon, he seemed to really like the work I took him and said that it was crazy that I should take him lots of repeat pattern, as the shop is wanting to get together a collection of wrapping paper design now and Simon said my stuff would be perfect, he liked and wants to use, my Barbie repeat pattern, pens repeat, strawberry repeat and origami hearts as wrapping paper designs, while I was there he wrote down the stuff he was interested in using and said he would email me regarding them.

He's also asked for me to screenprint my strawberry repeat design and we arranged a follow-up meeting for next Friday, to then show him the screenprinted design.

He liked the laser cut design, and said that he would like to use it, but obviously he can't put this in a print production, and if I wanted to produce them for him to sell then it would'nt be very cost effective for me, but I said that, at the end of the day I'm doing this all for experience and the money wouldn't matter so much. But he said he could and would like to give me the gallery space downstairs to use and exhibit the work and then any sold, the profit all goes to me. I need to ask him when this slot would be available, because there's an artist using it next. This is something we will discuss further when I next see him, but he likes the design a lot and so wants me to turn it in to a print - thus screenprinting it.

So all in all, I'd say a pretty successful and exciting first outing into the real world :)

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