Thursday, 20 May 2010


A couple of days ago, I went to the woodwork department downstairs, 'surprisingly', to get some wood to laser cut and engrave into, the technician was really helpful and I looked at a few different woods, I wanted a light wood and this was handy as the darker woods are more expensive.
We dug out a rough A3 sized bit of wood, which was really thick and then I watched the technician as he explained everything he was doing, in the end I had two beautiful
I hoped that the grain in the wood, will add to the 'organic-ness' and picnic'y feel I want, I also thought about the idea of picnic tables being wooden and people carving into the wood, for a finished piece, I could maybe add a bit of text in that looks as if it's been scratched in as well?

This is what the wood looked like when it had been engraved into...

I wasn't that impressed, but I think that it would have looked better if the design was bigger, or if I'd used a kiss cut, this would have given the wood more depth, as it half cuts out the shapes.

Below are photos of the design cut into a thin wood, it gives the image a nice feel, especially as my theme was picnics and this idea of the picnic table...

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