Saturday, 15 May 2010

Getting Real...

Lets get real, Amber and I are not going to have an exhibition put together for The Big Issue in the time we have left for this brief, but also the laser cutters are fully booked everywhere until the end of May.

With the sensitivity of the subject we are dealing with and the time we want to put into it, I think it would be wrong to put the exhibition together in a rush and we were having real problems in thinking and finding somewhere appropriate to put the exhibition on, with the idea of targeting the working class in coming to view the exhibition.
In discussion Amber and I wonder whether It would be better put on in September/October of this year when we've had the time to put it together properly and with all the equpiment we need easily available, rather than in the mad rush of the end of term. There are many students with shows on the horrizon and 3rd year students getting work done for the end of their degree shows, they take priorority over us in using college equpiment and so maybe it would be more sensible to put this exhibition on later.

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