Thursday, 13 May 2010

Laser Cuts - First Attempts...

So at the moment I'm sat in the interior design suite in the Laser cutting room, waiting for some stuff to finish being cut. From the crit yesterday when I showed the little strawbs I had tried to cut, it clarrified that there was too much detail to be but so small, and I ended up with little holes and gaps everywhere:

So today I have opted for bigger repeats, this meant that the detail has all stayed in, although I'm not sure whether it still looks too crowded and to much. I think the big strawberry on it's own is looking okay though...
Laser cutter, doing it thing...
I'm going to try and use all the off-cuts I produce...
I cut the big strawberry out of two different colours... they both work well, maybe the brighter red is better suited to what the image really is, also tried to do it in repeat, my time ran out and couldn't finish it though...

Then with the Burgandy colour, I tried some red gingham fabric behind it, that I'd bought from the market...

Because I can't get to the laser cutter until next wednesday now, I have decided to create another design but a little simpler and try and cut it out by hand, this could give it a more personal touch as well.

For next wednesday I want to make sure all the files are working properly, because when I seem to open them in the laser cutting program there are always bits missing from the design and I have to construct the whole image again, or like today, I couldn't cut the birds and bikes, which I'm most excited about because lots of the image was missing! I will sort this problem before next wednesday and also I want to have some wood ready to engrave and cut through, I think this will look interesting, as I did a tiny tester on the idea of engraving and the burning on the wood looks ever so pretty!
It's time to make all the decisions an make sure I am really well prepared for next wednesday, I want to plan all my timings as well, estimating an average time that each cut might take, so that I can fit it all in, as I know that wood takes quite a while to cut through with it being so thick.

STRAWBERRIES - Cut through: four strawbs on red,
one strawberry in thin wood.
Engraved: into wood

BIRDS AND BIKE - Engraved: into wood
Cut through: dark blue paper,
white paper,
black paper,
one bike and birds in thin wood.

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