Sunday, 23 May 2010

Prep work to take to 'On The Wall'...

Today I spent, the whole day picking work and putting together my portfolio to take to show Simon at 'On The Wall'.
I've never taken my work to show anyone before, and so I didn't know whether I would be taking too much or too little. I put the laser cuts I done first as these were what I had actually produced with 'On The Wall' in mind, however I'm pretty certain that he won't want to take my laser cuts, as they would be hard to reproduce in the print production, well I would have to produce them.
I'm taking my barbie head prints as I think they are one of my most successful prints also a photo etch of a barbie photo which I will suggest as a postcard design.

The only other work I will take is all the new repeat patterns I have designed as well as my repeat pattern pen design for 'pocketful illustration magazine'.

The photos are shit, but you get the idea...

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