Thursday, 29 April 2010

Big Issue.

Today I got a call while I was in college from Rosemary Townsend from the Marketing Administrator for the college, Christian had spoken to me the day before about a magazine article that the college have been asked to write about what students have done, supplementing their course, and said he would forward me the article and then told me to perhaps get it touch with Rosemary to add something to it about what Amber and I do with the Big Issue In The North.
She called me today and we met and had a 10 minute chat about what we do and how it coincides with college, also about the exhibition we are putting on for them.

She took my email address and has emailed a copy of what she wanted to send and wanted to just run it by me and see that we were happy with it, she also wants a photo of us doing Outreach, so I intend to call Claire(from the office) tomorrow and ask her to send a photo to me if she doesn't mind.

In the document Rosemary sent to me, she mentioned that we were putting on a photography exhibition, although this is only where we're taking the images from, so I'm half and half whether to email back and get it changed to 'laser cut illustrations'.
This is good publicity for our exhibition!
We could also get into touch with the West Yorkshire Post!?

Below is the email I received from Rose with the article she has written about it, it's good in publicising the idea of volunteering as well!

I emailed Claire at the North office asking for a photo and she said that she would send it to the communications team at The Big Issue and they have to OK it, but also that she thought it was a good article and it will promote the volunteering well!

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