Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Email From Simon - 'On The Wall'

I emailed Simon yesterday, to ask specifically what he was expecting next thursday when I meet him, today he's emailed me back and set me up for my next weeks work and possibly over the summer.
My main focus is on the strawberry stuff, below this is what Simon talks about. (I have the whole email in my sketchbook...)

'As far as screen printed stuff goes, I’d love see to the ‘Hot-air-berry’ Screened... I think it’d would look amazing as a 2 or 3 part layered screen... I’m guessing you guys have access to water based inks? I’m really interested in images that have layers overlapping bold water based inks as it mixes colours where they are layered –( I’m sure you’ll be familiar!) Blows my tiny mind how cool it looks though!!....

I also like the idea of you screening the giant strawberry in maybe two colours , but each layer being slightly off-set so you get that almost 3d effect, then maybe using a spare lazer cut stencil you could perhaps aerosol the hot air balloon over the top??... to be fair, I think however you go about it – it’s going to come out looking superb... I’m just all giddy right now about layered water based screens and then mixing that up with other processes like lino-cuts, fine lined illustration, stencils etc... Once you’ve made your screens up just bang out as many variations as you can be arsed to do!.. There are so many products I want to build up a folder of possibilities for I’d rather have too many options than too few.

Ok, so that’s Mr strawberry... he’s a winner, big, small, various colours, mix up the processes, use as much of the colleges paper as humanly possible!!'

This is really exciting...I'm a little disappointed that this has come about at the end of this brief, but it couldn't be helped, as I was doing other work for other briefs at different times. It will hopefully set me up well for 3rd year as well and building this relationship with Simon is important.

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