Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bloody Laser Cutter...

It seems this laser cutter is the bane of my life, It's been so hard getting slots to actually use it and when I loaded my images on it last week, bits didn't show up on the screen, there was no box to go by so I had to construct the images all over again and measure it all up before cutting it. got a couple done last week, but they were kind of tester.
Today is the LAST time I can laser cut before the deadline and going to see Simon at 'On The Wall', got here early this morning in the hope that nobody would be using it but they were, then get to my 2 o clock slot and find that someones now medled with the software and put new software on, not linking it with the laser cutter, so now my images are all loading, properly but I cant' fucking cut anything because it's not connected, and I'm now sitting around for a couple of hours, hopeing that Michael might be able to fix it or find the code needed.
Looks like I'm only going to have one laser cut image to show Simon. at the shop, which sucks.
Rant over.

Lesson learnt from this, never rely on technology, especially when it's always fully booked and you have only 2 slots in 2 weeks, do it by hand?

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