Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Final Crit.

Today I had my last crit, which was actually the first 'group' crit that I'd had throughout this project, it was really good to see where everybody else was and what they'd been up to. It seemed that people were doing competition briefs and also work to contribute to their practice in general.

My goal now, is to get work to 'On The Wall' before this brief is over and get feed-back on my work from Simon who works there. To give an idea of what I wanted to submit, I felt that I needed to show my laser cut final ideas as well as the design work I'd been doing for it, this then giving the idea of what I wanted to submit. I went to use the laser cutter very quickly, before my crit, but unfortunately, the design was too detailed for the size that I was cutting it, so bits fell through, although I was suprised that any of it cut out okay when watching the laser cutter at work:

It still gave them an idea of what I wanted, and they seemed to like to image and the idea, the like the birds and bikes, even more so and so I'm excited to get this cut next week. It's a real shame that the laser cutters are so busy and fully booked all over the college, because this means I only have 1 more session to get stuff cut and then take it too Simon next friday hopefully?
This means I need to do a lot of planning and plan timings for the next time I go to the laser cutter, making sure that I get everything cut possible. I was going to do some more design work for it the laser cutter, but I think with the time I have left with the laser cutter and next friday as my deadline, I'm going to leave it and make sure I get the strawberry one and the birds and bikes cut nicely and out of every material that I wanted to cut from - wood takes slightly longer to cut...

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