Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rationale, Summary for end of year PDF.

Rationale up to this date:

For this brief, my aim is to link all 3 ways of working, developing an understanding of myself as a practitioner and a specific style within my work. To start with I will adapt an image I've designed before and submit it to the Don't Panic Poster competition, this is because the deadline for votes is within days and I want to just start quickly and build my confidence. I will submit an image/design for 'Pocketful Illustration Magazine', around the theme of 'I did it my way', this will mean I show skills in answering a theme and creating images in the idea of a theme but in my own way and with adaptability.
Whilst working on these projects I will be partaking in a community, intergenerational project 'Artivism', every Monday afternoon at Armly Mills. This project will be a good chance for me to work intergenerationally and chat/get experience with established artists. I will also be going to The Green Generations Launch Event, to speak on my experiences throughout the project, listening whilst I'm there and hearing what people have to say about these community and intergenerational projects will give me knowledge and understanding in what's actually going on around me in Leeds, possibly make me feel that I want to carry on getting involved in community projects.
Lastly I will be creating a body of work, to then possibly laser cut the designs, for 'On The Wall', which I will be taking to Simon and seeing if he wants to use any of it to sell in the shop. This will give me the chance to create work, picking a theme myself and show it to someone I don't know in a real situation, preparing and picking appropriate pieces to show Simon, getting feedback and then doing what Simon/the client then asks of me.


' The work shown, is a laser cut image for my submission to 'On The Wall', a print and poster shop situated in Leeds. The image has come from the theme of Picnics. I have been basing my image making for this live project around, ‘The Human Experience'.

I have attempted to question attitudes towards everyday activities and thoughts, whilst exploring pattern, design, texture, linework and colour, applying my artwork to unusual surfaces. The work I do is heavily influenced by my illustrations but applying these through the use of interesting processes and methods will remain a fundemental theme within my practice'.

I found this pretty hard to do, I found this was the case when putting writing to my work for Pocketful magazine as well, but
I'm not that happy with the image at all, I should have left more time to work out how to best photograph work of that kind, but I guess you can tell it's cut through...

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