Sunday, 16 May 2010

Photographing Work?

Okay, so how the hell do you do this? Try to do it yourself...OR scan it?
I've been thinking about how to present laser cuts and my work in general onto my online portfolio sites, the laser cuts will not look as special if I just scan them in as it just looks like a colour applied to the paper.

- Pin it up on a wall...?
Where, what background do you place it on?

- Hold it in front of you...?

OR, get someone else to take them?

Came across this website: but it's more about how to actually take the photograph and settings for specific work, e.g, photographing work behind glass?

OR shall I just scan it?
For the laser cut pieces I definitely need to photograph them, as this way you can see that it is laser cut and the shadows will appear.

I've haven't left enough time to do this properly, my own fault, I'm going to have to do the best I can and then use photoshop the best I can!

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