Sunday, 2 May 2010

'Cute' Wallpaper.

I have been asked by Paul to design a 'cute' repeat pattern/wallpaper for him to put up around Leeds, don't know whether It will be the finished design for the end of this brief, I'm going to start it and then will give Paul something in the near future, after the deadline.

This also ties in well with my 'Picnic' brief as picnics are pretty cute, and I have got this reaction from people when faced with the word cute:

I began playing about with origami, which also then seemed to form a sort of 'cute' patchwork picnic blanket idea, but from this, I then tried to put it in a digital format as the design will be screen printed.
These are the little paper/origami pieces I was doing, It felt nice too just play about with paper and folding rather than a pen.
Although they look a little bit like an advert for Thortons chocolate which is a bit shit...

Then I worked into them digitally on the computer, making shapes from the original origami heart I made on illustrator...

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