Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Where I'm at...

What I've done....

- Don't Panic Competition.
- Submission to 'Pocketful Illustration Magazine'
- Artivism project: Did intergenerational work, making sculptures, had my illustration/pattern design work featured in the animation Shari made and also went to speak at the Green Generations launch event.
- Got a body of work together, theme 'Picnic' to develop into prints and laser cuts.
- Started up a couple of Online Portfolios.

What I've got left to do....

- Go to 'On The Wall', have a chat, get feedback from Simon, possibly get some work into the shop, (be prepared for Simon to want things changed or done in a different way?)
- Email Selin (Pocketful Magazine) and ask when the works will be online and when the magazine will be printed.

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