Monday, 17 May 2010

Email from 'Pocketful Magazine'

The deadline for 'Pocketful Illustration Magazine' was 15th April and shortly after this date I received an email form Selin, thanking me for my submission, he also mentioned that he'd email again in a couple of days when he'd made all the submissions online and then to email him back if there was anything we wanted changing for the printed version.

I hadn't heard anything from him for weeks, and with this deadline looming next week, thought I would email and politely ask what was going on?
The email I received back which is stuck in my sketchbook, sadly told me that his mother had been taken very ill over the last month and so he'd had no time to put anything together, he was very apologetic and asked if there was anything he could do and that he'd also try and get the works online for my deadline, but I've emailed him back and said not to worry.

This means I won't have anything too really show for that brief I did, in time to hand in for the deadline, but it's nobody's fault, these things can't be helped and if anything it's just taught me that we're all human, things happen which are out of peoples control and so to always be prepared for any changes and when relying on somebody else, as I was in Selin, to not promise others your work, as this is kind of what's happened with this brief, I wanted to have it to hand in for my deadline, and kind of counted on and just expected to have it, but as it just so happens, I can't.

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