Friday, 23 October 2009

Where I'm at...

As it's now reading week, i have 4 weeks when I go back to college to finalize designs and decisions on techniques, papers and inks.
I've been thinking about how I need to organise my time with everything i still have left to do and what I want to have by the end of this project.
I've decided as my final piece, I want to have about 4 wallpapers, representative of my work throughout this project and progression of techniques. Also, some designs printed on fabric, possibly turned into objects? Cushion, bag? (Still pondering this idea with an idealistic time frame).
Need to...
  • I hope to have done all my experimentation by the end of the first week of November, till then and through this time I hope to have most of my design ideas and what i want to produce.
  • Working to this deadline is pretty crucial, considering we have a new briefing on the 18th of November for a new project.
  • I hope to gather all my experimental materials throughout this week (reading week) and prepare myself for the first week in college planning what I'm doing everyday.
  • Need to look into paper more and different inks.
  • Fabrics and vintage wallpapers.
  • Look into preparing to get some of my final designs printed digitally. (Booking time in the digital print rooms - FINDING some bloody money to pay for it!)
  • Develop more understanding of print history.
  • Look into stitch.

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