Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wipe that clock off your face.

As well as the outside of the book at the Fresh Leaf zine fair, the style of this book is something I am interesting in re-creating.
I want the theme of parts to be coherrent throughout my book, in anyway, even if it's through the way bits of my book and pages are constructed - through sticking 'parts' odd and ends together.
The books I will be purchasing and looking into to collage for my book will all be classic/old style picture/information books, which i want to portray in my own book such as 'Wipe that clock of your face'. I also like the idea of having rounded edges.
Aswell as using old 'classic' texts and colours from old books that I will be collecting for collage material and inspiration, you can see in the scan below, that the text has been taken from ..

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