Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fresh Leaf. Zine Fair.

The Fresh Leaf Zine fair/Artist Book and zine fair was put on by theartmarket. It was a pilot for a series of artist multiple sales under the title ‘Fresh Leaf’ at theartmarket & kunstfreund gallery in the Merrion Market. There was a variety of artist multiples on sale.

This was a chance for me to go and look at the idea of 'the zine' and see how artists put their books/zines' together. Also an insight into how I may promote myself as a designer in the future. I definitely want to put together my own zines, so this was a good insight into possibilities.
Although it was fun to look at the content and their ideas, it was useful to see the way they structured and put the book together. A style I particularly liked was the one shown below, these books done by Nigel Peake were also well illustrated. I liked the colours he'd used for his cover and also the spine, but the way that they were different colours and complimented each other well.

Another book that uses this style of bound is 'Wipe that clock of your face' by Brian Belott. As you can see from the photo below, the spine has a different colour used and an imprinted bit on the side. This is a book i've looked into further as it encompasses a lot good collage and also has a nicely pieced together in 'parts' layout.

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