Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Resin Jewellery.

Over Christmas I have been re-searching and talking to some friends about ways in which you can use resin. I wanted to put together a museum case with resin to communicate my idea of pattern through the idea of 'parts' as well.
I started with the idea of the butterfly and cut them out intricately, however the idea of using butterflies was something I wasn't that interested in, it felt and looked to girly. So then this led me to the 'moth', a less beautiful but all the same detailed and interesting creature. I have looked into understanding the moth a little more. But when I thought about what I wanted to do, I don't think that the wings or bodies are different. So I'm now concentrating on a few insects with wings to construct and laser cut out of fabrics.

I've begun to design some pieces from bits of insects, the drawings are put together using different 'parts' of insects I've been looking at.
I drew them and then had to trace them using the pentool to get a clearer more defined line for the laser cutter.

I've also thought about how I want the insects to sit in the resin, until everything is cut out and i can start seeing things together I don't know what will be to much or too little. So I've designed some pattern for the insect to sit on and a frame to use possibly?
I thought about using a frame in the jewllery, because while I have been putting these images together I have been thinking about the meaning of the word jewllery and also a collection. When you think about both of these words they mean 'special in some way'. People frame things or present things in some way that are important and special to them, therefore I want to frame my bugs inside the resin.

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