Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Time to 'gather' and 'plan my time' spent over christmas.

Well with a slightly better idea of how I want to approach this brief now and what I want to produce, I know what I need to do.
Here are a couple of books I have got hold of to aid the idea of putting a book together and layout within a book:

What Im planning to achieve over the holiday:
- Gather lots of collage material - Davids Book Shop.
- Start to understand collage more, check Christians collage powerpoint to first years on moodle.
- Create surfaces and start to collage.
- Plan Jewellery idea further.

I know its not a lot, but lets think realistically, how much work am I really going to get done at home?

Things I also need to think about are the fact that there seems so many ways I could approach the way to put my book together, or what to fully concentrate on and so I need to try and recognise or think of something I want to concentrate on to pull it all together.




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