Friday, 18 December 2009


From various bits of collage I've done, I want to find ways that I can present the images together so that they flow and also have a running theme.
I guess that this is mostly down to visual language...
Ways I could do this are through adding text, or a narrative perhaps? Possibly through using the same colour throughout?
Ive looked at some books souly based on collage:

(Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists and Illustrators)
This book seems to use colours as a running theme through out their images and as a way of creating narrative and a flow, but also a similar way of laying down and sticking paper.

I also came across this website...

This is some information I gained through looking at the powerpoint Christian showed the first years in relation to collage...

Starting with some definitions:


Art assembled from various materials

{ French; to glue }


Composite picture made from various elements

{ French; putting together } Also Photo-montage


Combining 3-D objects together into an art work


To place (things) side by side

{ French; next to }


The primary, literal meaning

The intended meaning


The range of secondary meanings,

The reading of an image

Below are specific movements in collage over the years.



Political Satire



Counter culture

Contemporary collage

Ones that interested me the most were.....


Historical pioneers of the DADA, Futurist,

Constructionist and Bauhaus art movements

Artists such as:

Hannah Höch.

Rodchenko, Alexander (1891-1956)


Use of ridicule, irony, sarcasm to expose and discourage

vice and folly. Political Satire.

Artists such as:

John Heartfield.

Martha Rosler.

Bringing the War Home.

Contemporary collage.

Artists such as:

James Dawe.

I came across this guy whilst researching. An amazing artist, who grew up and lives in London. His portfolio is well worth a look! His images are all so well executed. Collage, but all done with precision.

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