Saturday, 19 December 2009

Davids' Book Shop.

On arriving home, the first thing I wanted to do was gather some books for material to collage. I had David's Book Shop in mind, a book shop and 2nd hand book shop in my town at home.
I bought a few books that had the kind of stuff I wanted to include in my work.

I have begun by just cutting out any image I like or that relates to my idea of a 'collection of parts' and have got ideas for images through the process of cutting out.
I've also started to put together surfaces to work on and collage. The images for my book are going to be mixed media.
I cut things out that showed 'parts', but in groups of subject. The human body, animals, technology, movement.
Even if I don't use many of the images I've cut out or am not happy with the collage, the process of cutting out and choosing what images to cut out has really helped me in putting together ideas for concepts and images in my book.

I also bought this book, which I thought was just sexy! The colours and cover are striking and qitch, but the type and layout on the back is also something I really like.

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