Sunday, 21 March 2010

Summer Placements.

I've been emailing a women called Joanna Migdal, she specializes in sundials, but has done lots of commissioned and public sculpture work as well!
Below is a link to her website...

Below is a link to the 'Art In Action', the four day festival I will be helping out at. Joanna helps organise it and she replied to me email saying she would love to have some help every morning setting up and then also helping out during the day too, possibly serving tea. But then she also said that during the day it will be a great opportunity for me to meet up with hundreds of young artists and she said she will introduce me to all of them that she knows.
Although Joanna specialises in sculpture, and I lean more towards illustration I'm sure that I will learn copious amounts and find her work very interesting! Plus having the chance to mix with so many artists will be an amazing experience, not only through gaining more knowledge, but also networking, making contacts and may be a way of getting more work placements?!

This woman will be at the festival, I really like her work, she produces childrens books, but constructs illustration using felt. Very special and personal little books...

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