Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Online Portfolios.

As part of this brief I want to come to the end of it with a strong portfolio of work, and also get as many people as I can to see my work. Therefore I want to research into online portfolios and look into getting an account with as many as I see that I like and would suit my work.
So I've started looking and re-searching into finding good sites to use as a portfolio, but firstly I remembered one of which a friend showed me, which you are able to personalise a bit as well. It's called Krop:

Above is my friends photography portfolio and below is a friends illustration portfolio, i think it flatters both styles of work and looks fresh, tidy and clean cut which is what
When putting a portfolio together I think it is as much about you as an artist, as what your customer what want to see, to make them feel at ease and feel that you would be a loyal and trustworthy creative to hire.

Then as you can see below, when you scroll down you can select pieces of work and they are blown up to A5 size...

It's importantly used as a portfolio to find work as well, as you can attach a Creative CV/Resume to your portfolio page which people can look at whilst viewing your work. Of course for now I chose the free option, but there is an upgrade you can purchase, which gives you unlimited images, styling your gallery and video inputting systems. But I guess as an artist it's good to be selective with the work I will post, so this possibly works in my favour.
To view contact details of any artists you must be a registered company as well, so this in turn means if you are approached, you will be approached proffesionaly.

Another nice looking (blog) but looks a lot like a portfolio if you pick the right layout is on Tumblr! Here is again a friends tumblr account:

...and below by clicking an image enlarged and a caption or writing if desired.

One other website I came across, was a site called Cargo...

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