Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'On The Wall' - Chat.

This afternoon, I visited 'On The Wall', to have a chat with Simon, who used to be on our course a few years ago. Very nice chap, I've been into the shop before, so I had some idea of the prints that were sold, but it always seems to be changing.
We had a general chat, but also asked him what sort of work he was looking to sell prints of in the shop. He explained that if they don't sell any prints then they still pay you for them, which seemed like a pretty good deal, the only thing that was a bit of a bummer is that they don't sell original prints.
Simon described the work that he didn't really want, and this was photoshop images and digital work really. I asked if he'd be interested in Laser cuts and he said yes, but he also showed us a couple of prints from the 12 artists he's got them from at that time and from one he showed us of photographed tapes, said it was just taken from someones sketchbook.
It's exciting, but we are going to be sent a brief from Simon soon...

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