Monday, 22 March 2010

I Love West Leeds Opportunies.

Thought the other post was a little on the large size, so I've broken it up, just for you...

Whilst at Armly Mills, I was also aware that someone that works closely with the group is Jane, who organsies the I Love West Leeds festival, of which Christian encouraged me to get in touch and ask about using a shed she has at the festival to put on some sort of live drawing event. Whilst there I managed to have a chat with her and she spoke about what goes on with the sheds, what people have done in the past and that it's aimed at families with young children. So in the past people have held cinema viewings in the sheds, creative painting in the shed and also one year knitted a shed! It was amazing and is situated within the museum, so naturally Chris and I went to check it out!...

All hand knitted!
Here, we see Chris enjoying herself!

Put together of many different knitted tiles...

...and even complete with foliage and nature!

From this, the discussion also spread to a project Jane is working on for the I Love West Leeds Festival called 'Hippos'. Chris had already heard a little bit about it, but for me it was interesting to sit and listen to what Jane wanted from it, Chris is running the project and I'm along side to help her. I think there will be lots of help needed though! Basically Jane wants 500 3D hippos to be put together! Possibly moulding them out of clay and then to cast them making moulds, to then re-create the hippo 500 times! They are for children to decorate, but need to be of a size so that it can be completed throughout one lesson.
A fun but seemingly scary brief?!?
Chris and I spoke about it on walking back to college after being at Armly Mills, and discussed things that would need to be thought about:
- Firstly, where to actually store 500 hippos whilst they are all being made!?
- What is the right number order/how to get the hippos made quickly, efficiently and effectively in the time there is? Some sort of strategy and time efficient way to produce them?
- What material would be best to make them from? Thinking about them 'breaking' or 'chipping' somehow.
- How to actually put a hippo together, using clay and other materials? Think a trip to ceramics might be useful.

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