Thursday, 11 March 2010

Interim Crit 1.

Today I had my tutorial with Matt Hodson, who used to be a student at Leeds College. In general it was about what I had planned for this project, but he also helped me in a big way in another one of my personal aims for this project, which is to understand and develop a rigid style and personality in/for my work.
I had just entered the Don't Panic poster competition and Matt then made me question who would see my work through this process and what I wanted to gain from entering my work into competitions - The Value of Don't Panic?' From this he suggested putting online portfolios together and possibly sending work to agencies, this panicked me a little, but is a really good way of getting my work seen! Especially as we've now entered this digital age of working.

From my worry of developing style in my work, Matt's told me draw draw draw! and begin forming a visual book of drawing, but also which I think is another important aspect of my work I want to put forward more strongly is to develop my own tone of voice through my work.
I also mentioned how I was frustrated by the way that I sometimes feel like I try to be and draw like other people, when really I just need to be myself. This is to be developed through my visual book and forming sentences/speaking and developing my own voice as a speaker through my work. A sentence I thought up that I feel reflects my thoughts is: 'Don't try to be: Just do.' Matt suggested always coming up with a slogan first and then put an image to it.

I also spoke about the idea of taking my laser cutting further with pattern as well, and likened the idea to Rob Ryans' Laser cuts and Matt's made me think about the idea of making it different in a lot of ways and produce something that people haven't pin-pointed yet!
I want to make myself draw lots of hand-drawn type, as I struggle with adding digital type to images.

He suggested some artists/designers for some inspiration:
Firstly Paul Davis...
Who works mostly through meanings and messages through sketchbooks.

Adrian Johnson...
Who doesn't really work how I like too but his messages portrayed through his work are excellent, clean/crisp images! All his work is client based and he's always working to a target audience. The website, seen below is also very very nice!

Lastly, Laura Carlin...
Has had many many clients, Laura primarly works in her sketchbook, both on location and at her studio. a prolific drawer and painter, she has learnt to appreciate mistakes and understand the power of white space. There is a book cover she has done which I love, a repeat pattern and then another image. I want to make sure I draw lots of pattern in my visual book.

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