Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Caravan Gallery.

With the idea of putting on an exhibition being part of one of my client briefs, and also wanting to learn how to go about organising/getting a space to exhibit in. I've been looking into project spaces that already exist and ways people exhibit as some research...
From speaking to Christian he told me about The Caravan Gallery, in which, unusually work is exhibited in a mobile caravan.

The Caravan Gallery is a mobile exhibition venue and visual arts project run by artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale who are on a mission to record the ordinary and extraordinary details of life in 21st century Britain. Eager to examine clich├ęs and cultural trends, they are particularly drawn to absurd anomalies and curious juxtapositions, typical of places in transition and in the process of reinventing themselves as regeneration fever sweeps the land.

The Caravan Gallery, a diminutive mustard model (circa 1969), with white walls and beech floor on the inside (like a ‘real’ gallery), provides the perfect setting for an evolving exhibition of photographs made in response to places visited; at any one venue, location-specific work arising from a previous research visit is exhibited alongside other material from the Caravan Gallery archive.

The Caravan Gallery : Early Days
In 2000, members of Art Space Portsmouth were invited to submit proposals for 'an outdoor installation along the seafront' for Portsmouth City Council's 'Summer Arts Across Portsmouth' season.
Jan Williams put forward an idea that involved using a caravan as the focus of her ongoing investigations into British leisure, landscape and lifestyle. Having got the go-ahead for the project, Williams and co-collaborator Chris Teasdale set about finding a suitable caravan; a small-ad led them to Hayling Island where they found just the thing - a tiny mustard (on one side) egg-shaped 4 berth 'Europe' model. They couldn't resist.
Prior to its conversion into a gallery, the caravan enjoyed a brief incarnation as a small but effective gin palace in London - this was at the opening of an exhibition called '3 in the Park' ( John Dargan, Jo Roberts, Jan Williams ) at The Pump House Gallery,Battersea Park.
Williams, Teasdale and friends went on to transform the caravan into a clean functional gallery space by gutting and rebuilding the (rather tatty) interior; brown velour curtains, floral upholstery and a small wood-effect table were retained in the reception area as a mark of respect to the gallery's 1969 origins.

This is good re-search into different ways to put on exhibitions, this was also my idea for business and enterprise which after doing SWOT analysis and lots of re-search into what would draw a crowd, something new and different like this, really attracts a crowd and a wider audience.
Wanting to put on an exhibition, I know this sort of thing would not be suitable for some circumstances of putting on an exhibition, like our project with The Big Issue In The North, but as an exhibition I will put on in the future I would like to do something like this. Even the I Love West Leeds festival would be a good opportunity to put on an exhibition in one of the sheds, which has been done before!

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