Thursday, 4 March 2010


Seeing as the deadline date was ridiculously close to starting this project, my poster didn't really get a fair chance in the voting system. It says to make sure you get your poster done early so as to get the full time to get votes, although I thought that my wallpapers were good to enter for the theme and so looking at it overall, it gave my work some sort of recognition, some people will have seen it I guess! It served some sort of purpose and got me stuck in quickly.



This month it's being judged by Rob Brearly of design studio Golden. At one point he did actually work in Leeds and Thompson Design Partners. I've looked into what kind of work he produces through his website as this in turn will lead to what poster he decides to chose. He works in the graphic design sector and does lots of campaign work plus promotional material, and has just become GOLDEN.

I've begun thinking about the poster, which i probably should have done earlier, as it's important not to look at the 'deadline for votes' as the actual deadline, if my posters to actually have any success. Here's an initial brainstorm of my ideas regarding TV:

But here is an amazing bit of film/animation which paul sent to me in regards my crit studies subject. 'What Idea of femininity does Barbie Signify?' Which also ties in well with my animation I did for the fmp in year 1. Im so in love with this film piece. Although, through watching it I think it's what I want to base my next illustration/image on for the this Don't Panic Poster. I think that as a theme for my poster it will mean I'm able to create a good piece of work which I really believe in, as It's a subject I am very passionate about.

From watching this video and from re-search I have done for previous projects I have now created another brainstorm of ideas for an image around this subject/theme.
I still haven't decided what medium I want to create the poster in, as in through drawing or laser cut or paint. Although as I was saying in my post about the first poster I submitted I don't think that anything screenprinted or laser cut will come through and be seen as well as it should be, which means I will probably almost definitely submit something digital and drawn for this brief, but then to adapt it in ways, possibly laser cut it and layer them up.

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