Saturday, 13 March 2010

International Book Fair.

Today was the second and last day of the International Book fair, Paul and I had the last shift behind the stall, watching over the books and taking the money when sold. I helped out last year, but it seemed that this year was a totally different experience and I 'realised' a lot from doing it - if that makes any sense!
I'd given my books in, to be at the show, I had to ask myself why my books were in the show and why I had put them in the show, it's because as a creative and part of this brief I want as many people as possible to see my work, thus - making online portfolios and submitting work to fairs like this is important for me. A women was looking at the Leeds Vis Com stall and was browsing through my book for a while, I ended up giving to her for free, because ultimately I didn't want any money for it - my aim was just to let people see my work. She asked for my website, unfortunately I had to give her my blog address, and so now I am excited to get some online portfolios up and running quickly. She was running her own stall called Antic-Ham and popped over later to give me one of her little zines that she had put together as a collective of lots of different artists, in return for me giving her one of my books for free. Her details were also enclosed inside:

I got excited when I came to a stall, where I saw a book I'd seen at the art market many a time and never had the chance to buy, because I am pretty poor most of the time, even if it was only £3! By Anthony Zinonos, whos link is below:

This is the little zine I bought, I am a sucker for circles and just think that this book is so nicely put together and simple, but looks so well articulated. The cover is my favourite image, I want to do more work with frames in the images. Here are a couple of images from the book:

A very special Zine...!

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