Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Client Brief with Big Issue In The North - STRETCH.

Talking to Claire in the Office at The Big Issue In The North, we have arranged a date to sit down and discuss what they really want us to produce or to happen, to engage with the vendors further. We have already spoken about the use of photography and possibly giving the vendors disposable cameras.
As it stands, Amber and I have a meeting to properly discuss it on the 26th March at 1pm. This gives a chance to concentrate on briefs we have now and then get a good start on it over easter also.

For now I've been looking into how I can re-search it a little and from having a tutorial with Nick, he mentioned that it would be good to get in touch with a woman called Carlotta Goulden who works for STRETCH - working in collaboration with museums and art galleries they create art events for specific groups, to help people access their cultural community and engage with society through creative arts.
They have apprantley done a homeless project, in which they produced a film form it. I have sent her an email asking her about it and seeing if she could possibly link me to the film they did or send it to me somehow.

She got back to me extremely quickly, and posted a couple of links that were films, based on a couple of homeless people in Leeds. This has helped in seeing how they dealt with such an emotive and sensitive subject. Obviously there are lots of issues surrounding this kind of brief, and stuff that Amber and I will have to seriously consider in doing it, as the people we working with in the client brief have specific circumstances. I think the idea we would ideally like to communicate is bringing the vendors and society closer together.

It will also be nice collaborating with someone throughout this brief, and working towards a finished piece/two different styles of work together.

Here's a screen shot of one of the videos Carlotta sent mee linked me too...Heres the website as well:

These videos have given me ideas of what sort of subjects you want to talk about with people in these circumstances. It's given me ideas and ways to approach it when we have a meeting with Claire from the office. I've emailed Carlotta thanking her very, very much! and also said I may contact her over the next few days with some questions or when we finally have the meeting with Claire, to ask questions about how they went about it?

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