Friday, 12 March 2010

Re-assessing Competition Brief.

It seems I have been having some sort of mental breakdown over the last few weeks and with my work load, a feeble excuse, I have not had the time to work to the Don't Panic TV poster design, and will not be entering anything in for the actual competition.
I had a realisation as I was struggling to get something done for it, with the pressure, that It wasn't good for me to be doing that at this time, and so I decided that I would still work on the project but not enter my work to the website. This then gives me more time... My problem is that I feel I need more of a style to my work before I go and try and put it to a concept. I got this from looking through other creatives websites and blogs.
However, I have begun to use a sketchbook every day, to better my drawing and understand who I am as a designer, this will also help give my work a voice, as I am concentrating on putting words and my thoughts and feelings into the little drawings I'm doing. So I've carried on research for this TV brief and have decided I will just use the brief to do some drawings in my sketchbook and generate ideas for later.

Beauty Within Society.
Below is a video that shows what the beauty industry and mostly then, the media has on society...
It ties in brilliantly with the concept I came up with for the TV poster and is nothing but interesting when you really question what TV does to us, girls in particular?

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