Friday, 26 March 2010

Client Brief with Big Issue - 1st Meeting.

So today before we headed out on OutReach, we sat down and had a meeting with Claire, one of the ladies that works in the office and discussed ways to execute this idea of working with the vendors closely and putting on some sort of exhibition for the public, as well as the vendors.

It was important to discuss what we wanted as well as what the vendors would want to get involved with. In-fact I had a conversation with one vendor who clearly stated if it was something photography based he would not be getting involved. Thinking and considering the group of people you are working for is the most important thing of all. Their needs and circumstances.

Ideas for where to have the exhibition are generally 'Leeds College Of Art', if this is appropriate, (must talk to college about it) and Claire from the office mentioned 'The Common Place', where exhibitions like this have been held before.

Speaking to David Collins I discussed how it was hard to put illustration to a brief as sensitive as this, and ways to approach it differently, without using film or photography, but after thinking about it I just think it needs to be quite calming and neutral, not giving to much away, which I think Illustration would therefore be too much which is how Amber and I came to the idea we have now. We spoke to Claire about our Idea of using the laser cutter in college using possibly thick white card turning photos and drawings of photos into silhouettes of the vendors and then to give the vendors the option to write something about who they are or anything they would like to share with the local community about being homeless, which Claire really liked the idea of.

Our starting point was to research the vendors:
- Do they want to be involved?
- Do they want to take their own photos?
- Or even want to be in photos we take?

We asked the vendors if they'd be interested in being a part of it whilst doing an OutReach, doing this on an Outreach, found that about a little less than half would be happy to be involved, Claire even discussed with us whether we wanted to ask the vendors themselves if they had any work they would like to exhibit - One of them wanted to.
What we do next is now to take a camera out and get photos we would like to turn into images/silhouettes. At the same time we need to get an exhibition space and sort a date for it.

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