Friday, 15 January 2010

Thus far...

Today I went down with Chris to book the laser cutter, even though I dont have anything for it as of yet. I felt that once I had booked the laser cutter I would have something to work towards. As I mentioned in my evaluation for the last project, having a deadline like that gives me something to work to and means I will work in time to get the images on illustrator ready for print and cut out.
We have managed to book a 2 hour slot in which to work together helping each other and getting our images cut. This has made me feel a little better, I should actually have something by next friday, and then have 5 days to put the piece together for the exhibition. This feels a little like progress.

I have also spoken to a friend from home, who has worked with resin in past projects to try and plan the time restrictions and how to go about using it. She produced her pieces doing it all from home and this is what I hope to do. Some information I got from her which was useful was:
- Takes about 3 days for the whole process, with shiny sanded pieces.
- Buy casting resin (bottle with liquid in)
- Buy fixer (looks like a little eyedrop bottle)
- Can use ice-cube trays as moulds. (bendy)
- Sand them with a light sand paper.

Wow. From this post I have realised that for me, I feel better and can work easier and get through a project If i have planned all my time. Must remember this!

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