Tuesday, 26 January 2010

129 Vis Com Winter Exhibtion. Curation.

I made a resolution when I started second year and that was to get more involved in things going on around collage and to do more competition briefs as well as more personal work.
I've not yet found the time to do competition briefs, but I have tried to get involved in as much around collage as I can, even helping where I can with people putting up exhibitions.

Thats' why it is important that I have got involved in helping with curating and building walls/hanging work with the winter exhibition '129' being put on next week. Not only is it something I want to get more involved in, but it's also something that is good for this project, in developing my understanding of how an exhibition is put together and how people work together in different groups to prepare and put on an exhibition in a certain amount of time given.

Due to my voluntary/send and receive work haven't been able to attend all the curation meetings, but I caught a bit of one of them. With a few days before the exhibition this meeting was mainly focused on how the hanging of work day would happen and also signage and greeting guests would happen. Some things discussed were:

- People being given post cards to write on, then put onto map. They pin their postcards to the map. People will need to work in shifts to man the organising of people coming, welcoming them and asking them to complete that small postcard task, whilst the nibbles and drink will be monitored.
- Signage for above the map and directions to the exhibition in the collage are needed.
- Furniture will be put on the balcony, it doesn't ruin the view from the exhibition horrible as you cant see it with the curtains down.
- Hanging will be done in groups, picking a wall and then picking pieces of work that complement each other.
- Every student should have their piece ready to go up and be hung, by the people hanging the work. In before 10am! With mirror plates attached or string if needed.
- The postcards will all be given in and put up on the wall in a cluster? or line?
- All work will be put up in salon style still, but the smaller studio will be cut down the middle with curtain.

We started to paint and transform the studio this morning, putting the curtain up and moving some furniture. It's all starting to take shape. I have a feeling that thursday is going to be a long day though! Lots more furniture to move out onto the balcony and a big tidy!

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