Thursday, 21 January 2010

Final Crit. Running Theme Through my book?

After my crit today with Christian I feel pretty sorted in what I need to do between now and the deadline to complete my book. From work I have done it is clear that I haven't enjoyed collage and have just been drawing lots of objects taken apart.
As we spoke it was obvious that I was pissed off with myself for leaving my book so late, my final book will not be totally what I wanted but my concept is what I have wanted it to be the whole project. The only thing that wont be as I wanted because of time, is the media I use. Basically, I'm working with what I have in the time I have and thus it wont be how I would make it if i had more time.
My main question to Christian was that I was very stuck in how to present or make something out of he images and ideas I already had, to create a running theme/narrative. It was clear that I didn't have a strong enough concept and so we discussed the main things I was concentrating on:
- Drawing
- Objects taken apart
- Pattern

Discussing this with Christian, we brought it together so that my concept was: Object - take apart - rebuild - pattern (zoomed), and the narrative as the process of putting the book together.
As i just said I've decided that my narrative is shown by the process of layout and putting/measuring a layout for each page. This will be behind all my images.
My book will be in chapters, titled around different processes or quotes that loosely tie to the object.
I'm still thinking on a title for my book, but at the moment the most obvious and fitting title would be something along the lines of:

' A Book Of Parts - A Book In Parts'.

Finally, due to time, I have decided that my book will be photocopied for the final one, possibly on layout paper and sugar paper as I want to try it on a couple of papers.
The photocopying and layout paper will complement the way my book had been drawn anyway and because its about how the page is laid out as well as what's in it, the layout paper is thin and therefore will let some of the lines come through on the next page, which might look nice.

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