Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Exhibition. Wall Piece.

Today, is the day before the exhibition. Alas, I have just got my wall piece cut. Really wish I'd had more time to think about it. I got it but out 6mm mdf wood. The laser cutter doesn't work well with wood, so Matt in woodwork said it would be better to put through on the big wood cutting machine. It works in the same way as the laser cutter, just that it's much, much bigger and specialises in cutting through wood.
The image I chose to cut was the same as my postcard image. Without my resin jewllery (SHIT), I had to turn to another idea. The cut out is really relevent to my book. I was also going to put together a pop-up card of clock parts. This did not come together in time as the illustrator file didnt have all the images on it, when I went to laser cut it. I've booked time next week to try and get it done for the final deadline as it took me so long to put together on illustrator.

I think the idea of having my postcard being the same as my wall piece, means that they complement each other. The image that I designed for the postcard and wall piece is very strong in communicating my idea of 'parts' coming together to make and object. Also as I described in my postcard post, the idea of having a duplicate of my design works in the way that it would in a museum exhibition, and taking a bit of the exhibition away with you.

This was how the final piece looked. On the back I stuck some extra mdf to give the piece some depth as I want to be able to see shadows of the frames. I looked at it flush on the wall and it just looked like a bit of wood plonked on the wall. I had planned to possibly cut it out twice and layer it up, (as I originally spoke about with my clock parts built up piece). I could have cut it out of wood again or out of black mount board, but the quality of the wood was so nice that I didn't want to take way from that.
Although the words were suposed to be cut out, (they were too small so they had to be engraved), it looks much better, you have to get close to read it properly but I like the texture of it and think it works well with the cut out.

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