Sunday, 31 January 2010

Final Museum Case.

SHIT jewllery.
But I enjoyed making the box. So i've put the shit bits I tried to do, then some bits that are cut which I planned to set in resin but they're not. It shows what I wanted to achieve. I've said to myself that it must take a few attempts to get the hang of resin, so I just hope to make more in the future at college.
Here are some photos of the finished box and the jewllery inside. I plan to put my book in there as well to give in the work. A collection of my work inside the box I made. I chose the quote that I put on my postcard and wall piece so that it relates to it as a collection of work...

I also found a font on a poster that I liked, that would be perfect for the type on the label for my museum case. Paul showed me a website called 'my font', I put the image I had saved of the font, put it through the website and it found it for me! The type is called Prima Serif.
Below are some clippings of the type in the words I wanted to use:

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