Thursday, 28 January 2010

THE Exhibition.

Well it was nice to see how all the discussion and people working together can come together so well, seeing the exhibition finished was a good feeling. Although the feeling I have at the moment is just complete and utter tiredness/also stressing about completing my book over the weekend. Not time to relax just yet.
Here are a few photos from the day of the Exhibition:

This is the wall 3, that Chris and I hung...

Although I didn't really make it to many of the curation meetings I enjoyed helping where I could and painting walls/hanging work.
On the day of the exhibition, Chris and I teamed up to put together some sort of display for wall 3. It seems we had the most important job as it was the wall that guests would see as soon as they entered the studio. Therefore the work needed to be strong enough to grab attention when people arrived. It was hard picking 11 pieces that were somehow different but also the same, complementing each other on the wall. I think we found it hard to get started, because as we went on we found that we based all our decisions - (from hanging the work in a specific order, to what work we picked and also where it went on the wall) souly from ONE piece of work. I think we worked well in the way that we lay the work on the floor for a while before hanging and also drew it out on paper to remember but also to visualise the general layout of size of frames without the images in.

The actual hanging of the work, was very LONG and pretty tedious but I kind of enjoyed it? To start with we had to actually paint over all the shit on the wall, well feet marks, it went grey and I had a panic. but then it turned white and all was well. We based all the hanging around one piece - a photograph by a Steph in the 3rd year. We felt that this was the strongest piece, also one of the largest bits and so was a good centre for us to base the layout around. We spaced all the work 3 inches apart as well, this made it look pretty! We also tried to be pretty precise with the name tags. It's pretty annoying how reliant you become on people bringing their work in on time aswell, we had a frame with no work in it, so hung the one with no image in then to get the piece of work that we had to string up as well.
It's also hard, as the frames all looked as though they weren't big enough to fill the space, but you forget that measuring the border between each piece gives it space and fills it out.
Over all I think Chris and I did a bloody good job! We even hugged it out a bit when we'd finished, it was a pretty emotional time!

I think I was pretty pleased with my final piece although, I'm not sure how I feel about it as a piece of work, but I think this comes from looking at it for so long, that I don't know If it's any good anymore. However, I still really like the concept of my idea and (like I spoke about before with the wall piece) the quote and airfix model frame give it meaning of a 'collection of parts'.
It is annoying that the engraving would have been covered up if I'd painted it, because I'm not sure I liked the idea of it just being wood. Maybe I should have cut it out of plastic?
Although the idea of 'wood' kind of works, as wood forms by kind of collecting fibres to form the object 'wood', but this is looking at how it communicates in the MOST literal sense.

Everybodys work was really good and everyone seemed to enjoy the exhibition. The work all made me think a lot about the idea of visual language - I guess because an exhibition is the most important time to communicate this. I thought that Camille's exhibition piece communicated this really well. It was in possibly the more literal sense, but I think she did well to communicate the concept and her visual language thoroughly.

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