Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Last night I prepared some pieces I had cut to be made into resin Jewllery. I almost killed myself at the same time, even with my window open the resin was really strong. I began making it on my window sill, with the air circulating but the resin doesn't set quickly unless it's warm, therefore I had to bring it into my room!
This was a massive mistake, and I just ended up with a big headache and feeling horrible. I had to keep going back to my room as the pieces in the resin were so light, they kept floating or moving.
I've come back to them today, they're still aren't properly set, my room stinks and they are all bubbly an hazy at the front! Over- all a massive failure!
I wish I had more time, because if I was to do it again I would definitely take the resin into college that I'd bought and do it there, properly - not guessing.
Although, creating resin jewellery is something I think I will carry on after this brief and so I look forward to learning how to use it properly. I want to think of a new subject and base a collection of jewellery around it, this was my idea this time. However I don't think I will have any complete pieces before the brief.
I will still try to incorporate the museum case/book box that I put together. It would be a nice way to give my work in, even if I have no proper jewellery pieces to put in it. I have put in the resin I tried to do, which looks also, but then also included bit's I had prepared for resin but then didn't have time to go into college and do. It gives you some sort of idea how I wanted them to look!
These brief is about collecting, and my museum case/book box holds a collection of my work.

This is the resin I bought to use, which was pretty costly! But I have lots left so it leaves no excuse to do some more! Also the mould I used...

These two were meant to be a pair of earings, they were tiny, but didnt set AT ALL?

These are some extra little bits I set in resin. I bought these little cans from a very cute art shop. They are for a dolls house, a collection of fizzy drinks/cans...

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