Sunday, 31 January 2010

Putting my book together.

Today I've spent the day printing and putting my pages together for my book. It was easy enough to put into indesign and also to pagenate. My original idea was to photocopy my book, taking less time and also for that blurred, un-perfect finished look although I automatically put it though indesign and printed it. It looked pretty nice so I haven't thought to photocopy it now.

The paper I wanted to print my book on was the layout paper that I had been drawing on the whole project. It's thin, light and would have let some of the grid and design from the page through from the other side, this would have worked nicely with my idea of parts coming together. Unfortunately, after speaking to Mike about it, I couldn't put the layout paper through the printer as It was too thin and would get stuck possibly melt in the printer! I wanted to print on some beautiful off white coloured - kind of sugar paper, this fortunately was okay to put through the printer but I still had to be careful. Therefore I manually fed the printer all the paper.
I printed one in black and white and one in colour, although there really isn't much colour at all in the book except a light greeny colour on the title pages. Still it was worth printing it in colour I think, the colour sits on the paper really nicely.

I planned to stitch my book down the pages and then stick the spine in with some pva to the cover. When I thought about it, I decided that it would look better stapled and so tried to staple through the whole book, this looked really shit and went through in the middle not in the centre at all. So I then just stapled the pages and double sided sticky taped the cover to the pages...

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