Thursday, 22 April 2010

Interim Crit. 3.

Yesterday, I had my 3rd and penultimate crit with Matt, can't believe we only have one crit left in two weeks until the projects over. The time seems to have rushed past!
I was happy that Matt liked the work I'd done for Pocketful Magazine, this was a real motivation to get on with the work I'm concentrating on now, and nice coming from someone that's really successful in the real world and enjoys what he does, as the 'real world' is what this project is really about.

We discussed the idea of being an artist and what impression you send to future clients or people who are looking to commission you, I brought this up threw talking to Matt about how I found it hard to know what to write to accompany my work for pocketful magazine. I looked at previous issues of the magazine and what other artists had written, but it was hard to find a nice balance between the designers that seemed a little too serious and the others that seemed too relaxed and kinda 'taking the piss' through saying that the like to drink gina and draw. Although this seemed quirky and fun, I guess people that commission you need to know you're reliable, which this comment does not do, but quirky is different and different gets you noticed?
Matt calls himself Matt the Horse, which is a fun name, and he talked to me about other artists which do this like Mr Bingo and illustrator and musician. His name explains who he is quickly as well. Below are a few images from his website, he's brilliant!

Matt also helped me in making my images easier to manage and how to get a really nice black line through using 'levels' on photoshop, and should probably always remember that I call my scanner 'shit' because I do in-fact always scan at 75dpi, bloody idiot! So i have appologised to my scanner for all the horrible things I've ever called it.

I've got this 'teddy bear' wallpaper to complete for Friday to be a featured artist in the Artivism film, and have done a little work for it, but Matt helped me in furthering it and what I need to do to get it done. DRAWING MORE TEDDY BEARS as we speak...

Discussing work that I now want to do: Work for 'On The Wall'/as well as The Big Issue Exhibition brief.
For on the wall I explained my ideas that I had and the subject of 'picnics'...such as the oragami picnic and the cut out patterned postcards, plus I mentioned trying out wallpapers made from wood, cut or carved and also possibly sewing?

Then Matt stopped me and said that I'm doing it all backwards, which he's right and I always tend to do, visage this image done a certain way and then don't think about what I'm trying to or need to say to my audience.

His words have really made me think and it's so true that a designer gets a problem and then puts an answer to it through the use of certain media that are appropriate and ideas which come from re-search, I'm going to try my very best-est to keep this in mind for the rest of my life and hold any ideas I have in my head until they need to be used appropriately.

So Matt has set me off too re-search PICNICS in detail, we brainstormed things which I could think about, so for now I'm drawing Picnic 'stuff' and trying to fill my sketchbook full of little bits of picnic and ideas for pieces. I want to get the paints out and mess about with the idea of the famous picnic Gingham pattern, and also have my own picnic and some primary re-search, take some pretty photos. I asked people and myself what they thought about when they heard the word picnic and I'm going to try and draw and re-search through what people say, here are some notes...

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