Monday, 19 April 2010

Armly Mills. Last Session.

Today I went to Armly Mills for the last 'making' session, I painted my paper mache bear head and started to put together my structure - made from willow, where my bear head will be placed. From the willow, i put together a shelf with books, where my bear will sit and as time passes. It will be titled 'There bear that nobody loved', or 'Time stands still', something to that affect.
Despite having a few problems with my strength and cutting into the willow to make my structure, the couple of hours I was there, were fun as ever as always! Everybody there has ended brilliantly and with lovely storied to go with them!

Whilst we were working away, Shari asked me if I would do an interview with her about the whole project to then edit and put in her film piece she's doing that will be projected onto the work in the museum. She asked a number of questions about how I'd found the project as a whole and also about what I expected from the project. A couple of other people did interviews and some had written stories to go with their characters, it was lovely to over-hear some of them written by the older people.
Jodie and I didn't manage to get finished and so we're going to get together with Chris and have a lovely afternoon in the sun finishing them all off for the final exhibition at the Mills in 2 weeks time!

She also spoke to us about the film she's putting together and how each persons character has a story and will be in the film, she said that if we could she would like us to be featured artists within the film, and she wants the work by Friday. So yeah, not very long to do it, 5 days in fact! She's also sent Jodie and I an email describing what the film involves and to post her back any ideas we have or suggestions to put to her.

So for the next few days I am going to be putting together a couple of bear themed wallpapers/patterns... here are a few pen drawings of ideas/awful scans:

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